Consultation re: stepdad

Had free consultation. Advice given was taken, and resulted in change of mind in the other/opposing party. We therefore did not need to retain. Should opposing party resume original opinion, we will retain.

– Kit (5 star review)

Great Listener. Great Attorney.

I was in a terrible custody dispute with my ex. I was very upset and afraid of my ex. Rodd listened to everything I said and remembered everything I said. He was aggressive in court and used the information I gave him very well. We won the case and my ex has backed off.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Very knowledge attorney–Great results

I wanted an easy divorce from my wife. She wanted a fight. Rodd and I discussed fair terms for a dissolution. Because he was pro active and stayed on top of the case, my wife and I finally reached an agreement and had a dissolution. I highly recommend Rodd.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Great for small business and divorce issues

I hired Linda Lawrence because I have a business and I wanted to protect it in my divorce. Linda is top notch and knows about business finance and assets. I was able to keep my business and not have to pay my wife anything from it. Hire her.

– Tim (5 star review)

Very tough and firm attorney

I hired Linda Lawrence because I needed an aggressive attorney. Linda was able to stand up against the other attorney and was very aggressive in court. It was an expensive divorce case, but that was because the other attorney was very aggressive and Linda was very thorough. I had great results in my case and highly recommend Linda.

– Joy (5 star review)

Certified divorce attorney

Linda Lawrence represented me in my divorce and custody case. She was great at communicating with me, even on weekends. She is very knowledgeable and I had a great result.

– Kelly (5 star review)

Best Columbus Divorce Lawyer

I hired Linda Lawrence to represent me in my divorce case. She was very knowledgeable and had a game plan throughout my case. She told me what to do to have the best evidence and anticipated what actions my wife would take. I highly recommend Linda Lawrence

– anonymous (5 star review)

Best Divorce Attorney

Linda is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. I hired her for my divorce case involving my business and children. She was very honest about my options and was very effective. I highly recommend her and her firm.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Honest, Reliable and Respected

Linda assisted our family in our greatest time of need. She took on a very difficult case without thinking twice. In court, Linda delivers. Each time Linda represented us in court we were successful. Linda is very knowledgeable and well respected among her peers and judges.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Thankful Client, Awesome Attorney!

After having many missteps in the family court arena I felt that all was lost and that I would be relegated to “uncle-dad” status for eternity. Then I met Linda Lawrence, she worked with me to get a plan together and she left no stone un-turned. Court filings were always done early and with exceptional legal references and style. Phone calls and emails were always returned within a day even on the weekends. I felt before we went to court in the hallway that no matter what happens in the trial I was more than pleased with what she had done for me. In the courtroom she took it to a whole other level.

Her demeanor in court was sharp and well executed and she had a complete handle on the room from the judge to the opposition. I now have my son 50 percent of the time in no small part to the efforts of Linda. In this crazy court system that we have, having Linda Lawrence on your team is a must have.

– Matt (5 star review)

Effective Divorce Attorney

I am a current client of Linda Lawrence in my post divorce custody matter. I also used Linda Lawrence for my divorce. At every step I was kept informed of the current status of my case as well as what our next steps were going to be. I always felt confident that she had my bedt interest in mind and that I was not just another cade to her.

– susan (5 star review)

Great attorney

Linda Lawrence is an excellent lawyer. She listens well and explains laws and procedures clearly. She is extremely efficient and works very hard to get things settled as quickly and painlessly as possible. All of her staff works with her effectively to help make the process comfortable. She does an excellent job of helping move challenging cases along to obtain results. I hired Linda Lawrence for my divorce. I did not think it would be complicated, but my wife would not give me any time with my children. My wife also would not get a job and wanted me to pay for everything. Initially, I agreed because I felt guilty. We were unable to settlement because my wife wanted support until she retired, we filed for divorce.
Linda Lawrence recommended fighting hard for temporary orders and we submitted a significant amount of information. We hired an expert to talk about my wife’s income. We were successful at temporary order regarding support and paying the bills. I also received a significant amount of time with my children, but after a few visits, my wife would try to change the schedule or would cancel visits saying the kids didn’t want to see me or were sick or had plans. Linda recommended that we appoint a Guardian Ad Litem. The GAL initially sided with my wife, but Linda kept sending the GAL information and calling the GAL and eventually the GAL recommended that I have joint custody and equal time. My wife, then started looking for jobs in another state and one weekend she moved the kids to Florida. We had to file several motions with the court and after two hearings, I was the school placement parent and the kids and my wife moved back to Ohio. Finally, after a year, the divorce was over. My wife never agreed to anything and we had to go to trial, but we were successful at trial. When I started my case with Linda, I never thought that it would be so complicated or expensive or take so long. I now understand the process and realize that if the other spouse really doesn’t want to be fair and reasonable, then you have to fight hard or you get nothing. Linda was awesome in this process. She tried hard to settle the case. I didn’t feel like she was just trying to string things out. When we had to fight, she was very, very good. She had a solid strategy for the case and knew what she was doing. She also knew the magistrate and judge and GAL which helped us know how to prepare and argue the case. She was excellent in the courtroom and at trial. I have recommended several of my friends from work to her and they have had the same results. It has been several years since the divorce and my ex and I have been able to work out most of the issues with the kids. I think that my ex being afraid to go back to court with Linda makes her try to work things out. My ex says that my attorney was better than hers. I have a great relationship with my kids now and I will forever be thankful for Linda for that.

– Mike (5 star review)

Great Law Firm

I had great results with this law firm. I have had an ongoing custody battle. Linda Lawrence helped me win. She is a tough attorney in court.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Hire Linda Lawrence

I had a great experience. I had retained another attorney and switched to Linda Lawrence. She promptly responded to my questions and I got full cutosdy of my children. Hire her.

– anonymous (5 star review)


I hired Linda because my son’s mom tried to push me out of his life in every way possible. Linda knows how to play the long game and come out with a good result. She knew when to be aggressive and when to be patient. Her experience was invaluable and she will always be 4 steps ahead. She’s seen any game your ex can play before and knows how to deal with it. You may not get a call back the same day, but she communicates when it is important. Trust her. Hire her if you can afford it. She’s worth it. And do it right away, the longer you wait the harder you’ll make it for yourself. She’s given my son a relationship with his father. I’m forever grateful.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Fast and aggressive

The mother of my children was planning to move out of town and take the children. Lawrence Law Office quickly and aggressively filed motions and scheduled a hearing to prevent the move. The firm is busy, but the communication is good and they know what they are doing.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Practical advice

I have a very vindictive ex-wife. She keeps the children from me and calls the police all the time. Linda offers me very practical advice about how to protect myself and expose my ex’s games.

– anonymous (5 star review)

The only divorce attorney I met with who had extensive business knowledge.

I own a business and went through a divorce from my wife. I was very concerned about how the divorce would affect my business and would I have to pay her income from the business in the future. Linda Lawrence’s combined knowledge of business entities and transactions and divorce law was invaluable. The advanced planning before filing for divorce and her understanding of the tax consequences helped me keep the business without any future restrictions on ownership or case flow by my wife. The only divorce attorney I met with who had extensive business knowledge.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Worth every penny

My ex is a very nasty person. She tried everything thing she could to take the house and the kids from me. She called the police on me and said I hit her in front of the kids. She changed the locks on the house. She took the money from our account. Linda aggressively fought everyone of my ex and her attorney’s nasty tricks. It was an expensive fight. I now have custody of my kids. If you want a fighter, this is the attorney for you.

– anonymous (5 star review)

I would use this attorney again

This firm handled the adoption of my stepson. There were many difficult issues with the adoption. My wife and I had a lot of questions. Linda patiently answered our questions and responded every time we called. I was able to adopt my stepson and Linda made the whole thing go smoothly and made us all feel comfortable. I will use the firm again if I need an attorney in the future.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Awesome Attorney

Linda handled my dissolution. We discussed settlement strategies and how to negotiate a settlement. Her fees were reasonable. She was not the cheapest attorney that I met with, but we were able to reach an agreement and the paperwork was prepared correctly, so in the end the fees were reasonable and the results were great. Cheapest is not always the best. I totally recommend this attorney

– anonymous (5 star review)

Compassionate and great at keeping me informed

I have had a great experience with Linda Lawrence in representing for the last 5 years in my divorce case and recent disputes regarding custody. She is a great listener and remembers every detail of the information I give her. This has been very helpful in the hearings in my case and in her discussions with the GAL in my case. She is very prompt at calling me back and emailing me. She keeps me informed about what is going on in my case and gives me options on how to proceed. I highly recommend her to anyone.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Results Oriented

I met with several attorneys before retaining Linda Lawrence. I liked the fact that she listened to me and that we had a game plan though out the case. She was proactive in filing motions and kept me on the offensive side, not the responsive side. She prepared me to testify at the hearings and to meet with the GAL. I received more than I expected when the case was finished. I highly recommend this attorney.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Trustworthy, Caring and Knowledgeable and Results Oriented

The mother of my children refused to let me see my children. Linda Lawrence filed emergency motions and helped track down the mother and get the children returned to me. Linda responded quickly to all of my calls, even after hours. She explained the costs related to every action she took. She focused on and got me what I wanted.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Excellent Results in My Case. Reasonable fees

Linda Lawrence represented me in a nasty divorce and custody fight. She kept me informed and worked with me on strategy and game plan. She gave me options along the way to keep costs down. I followed her game plan and in the end we showed what a liar my ex was and received what I wanted and received full custody of the kids.

– anonymous (5 star review)

Linda does an amazing job for your clients

Linda represented me in a Dissolution in Franklin County. I have 3 kids and a business and the entire matter was concluded in less than 4 months. Linda was responsive, understood the issues and was able to get my ex to agree to a reasonable resolution. I highly recommend her.

– Michele, a Divorce client (5 star review)

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